Glad you all are checking out the site! This is where we will list any announcements/updates which happen over the course of the next six months, especially events corresponding to Match and Graduation!

Match Day Shirts are in Mailboxes: 3/14/2017

Match Day Shirts are in Mailboxes. We have limited extras, but please contact to see if any are available. They are $12 each. Payment by PayPal to only.

General Website Updates: Please send Ben Trefilek your embarrassing pictures by Thursday at 11:59PM!: 3/7/2017

There have been a variety of small tweaks to the website. Most noticeably a picture of the 4th year members of the med school band has been added to the Major Events page. It is glorious. Additionally, below is a message from our very own Ben T.

"We still need your photos for the “Middle School to Med School” slide show! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me photos already! If you haven’t, please send them either via Facebook or to my email, Photos must be submitted by 11:59PM this Thursday! 

If you don’t, I will dive into the depths of Facebook and pick ones out (I’m totally kidding, I won’t do that)….but pick one yourself and send it to me. 

Excited to celebrate with you all on March 17!


Official Match Day Party Pre-Party: March 17th from 4-7 PM: 3/1/2017  More information can be found in the "Other Events" Tab

Deadline for Match Day Guest Registration Extended to March 10th! 2/27/2017

Hey guys! We have extended the registration for Match Day Guests to March 10th! This gives you more time to decide how many fun people you want to bring with you! Link below:

High Energy Email from the School about Senior Banquet and Graduation: 2/17/2017

Below is the transcript we received from the school, cataloged here for your viewing pleasure, hyperlinks work in the original email:


"I am sure that everyone is on the countdown to the Match Day celebration on Friday, March 17th!  We are busy working with your class officers to create a memorable day for you and your families on the IU School of Medicine Campus!
Graduation and Senior Banquet are soon to follow in May and have outlined details below to get you started.
Senior Banquet
·         Please take a moment to vote for your favorite faculty that have helped you get to this moment.  Your vote counts!  Awardees will be invited to attend Senior Banquet as a guest of your class and presented with a certificate of appreciation.
·         Senior Banquet dinner and program will be held at the JW Marriott on Friday, May 12, 2017.
·         Ticket prices for your guests will be set by your class officers shortly after Match Day (March 17th) based on available funds remaining in your class account.  Students of the Class of 2017 are complimentary.
·         Your family and friends are encouraged to attend the awards program and dinner to honor you and to provide recognition to faculty that have helped you along your journey.  Seating is assigned, so you can reserve an entire table or just be assured that you will be seated alongside your family.
·         Dr. W. Graham Carlos III will be the guest speaker.
·         In the Sagamore Ballroom at the Indiana Convention Center.  Seating is not limited and tickets are not required, although we do ask that you are considerate of your classmates.
·         Rent your cap and gown by Friday, April 7, 2017 by choosing IUPUI as your school > IU School of Medicine > Your personal information.  You will be receiving additional information via mail and e-mail from IU/IUPUI with additional ordering details in addition to an resource fair on the IUPUI Campus.
·         Be sure to check out the hooding tutorial so that you know what to expect.
·         IU School of Medicine, Doctoral Hoods are Green and Crimson and your tassel (if ordered) will be green.
·         Honor Cords for AOA (red & white) and Gold Humanism Honor Societies will be provided by IU School of Medicine.  Cords will be available for pick up prior to graduation with additional details to follow.  Please note that cords are to be pinned to your shoulder and your arm should not go through the loop.
·         The class composite will be available for pick up some time prior to graduation with additional details to follow.  Remaining copies will be available for pick up at graduation.
·         IU School of Medicine does not allow for individual hooders, but, will consider hooding requests from faculty and students until the end of the day, Tuesday, February 28th.  Please note that individuals selected by the dean for hooding will be responsible for hooding other students in your class (in addition to the requested student).
·         Don’t forget to make hotel reservations for you and your family (if needed) at the special rate available at both the Courtyard and JW Marriott until April 12, 2017 (or until sold out).  If the link is sold out prior to the cut-off date, please let me know and I can see if the block can be extended.
·         You are also invited (and encouraged) to attend the IUPUI program on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.
Be on the lookout for additional correspondence and updates, but please feel free to reach out to me if there is anything I can assist you with.  Have a wonderful day and we will see you soon!
Rachael Urso
Events Coordinator
Medical Student Education"

FAQ about T-Shirt for Match Day: 2/2/2017

So I've been getting a lot of questions about the Match Day Shirt and wanted to answer a few that are frequently asked and I probably should have addressed anyway!

Do I have to /am I expected to wear this shirt to match day? No, you can wear whatever you want! We made it to be a fun keepsake. It does look great though!

Do I have to pay for my own shirt? Yes! The 11 dollars covers the cost of production.

What if I only paid for some of my shirts I ordered because I thought my own shirt was free? It's no problem! You can send the extra money in for the other shirt and your order will stay together!

Why is this so confusing? When I used the template from the old order form, some phrases were kept that convoluted the message I was trying to get across. My bad on that! Hopefully this FAQ clears it up!

T-Shirt for Match Day: 1/30/2017

Shirt made by our very own Cassie Xu!! It's wonderful! Please go to

to register your size! You can order extras for family if you so desire.

Closes on Feb 15th at 11 PM!


Announcing Dinner at the Columbia Club, brought to you by The Wellington Group! Feb 23rd at 6:30 PM. 1/27/2017

Our sponsor for the Match Day Party, The Wellington Group, have that Match Day fever and are having a wonderful Free 3-course meal for medical students at the very exclusive Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis.  There is limited seating, so they only have space for the 1st 100 4th year medical students who RSVP. Last year the event was booked up within 48 hours and there was a wait-list (which saw some movement close to the event) The event takes place on Feb 23rd at 6:30 PM. To RSVP, please email                             with your name and that you would like to attend. I’ve attached their official announcement picture below. Hope to see you all there!

Update on Rank list party! Check it out on Facebook! Please RSVP to offical invite!: 1/16/2017

Our good friends at Jarred Bunch are throwing us a party! Make sure you are invited on Facebook so we can get an accurate headcount! 

BandS Announcement for Match Day Party! We have two and they are awesome 1/8/2016

Very pleased to announce that the entertainment for the Match Day Party will be provided by TWO wonderful acts! Starting at 8PM, our very own 22 French will be providing covers of megahits from the 80's, 90's, and 00's! The 22 French have performed to much acclaim at Evening of the Arts and are made up of senior students: 

Viraj Maniar- Bass guitar

Andrew Srisuwananukorn- Guitar

Ben Goldenberg - Guitar 

Christen Salyer - Piano 

Logan Guckien - Drums

Following the 22 French opener, the Juice Box Heroes will take the stage and play until Midnight! JBH are an excellent cover band based out of Louisville. They cover megahits of rap, country, pop, rock, and have a strong stage presence. I've seen them in person before and they are a great show. You can read more about them/check the setlist on their website at 

The bands will start at 8PM and play until Midnight. LETS GOOOOOOOOO

Register your Match Party Guests!: 1/5/2017

Please go to and register your guests for the Match Day Party at Mavris! Guests WILL be charged $40 for entrance and will have access to the appetizers, open wine/beer bar, casino games, bands and dance floor, but NOT to the prize raffles. 4TH YEAR MEDICAL STUDENTS DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR THEMSELVES, MATCH DAY PARTY IS FREE TO 4TH YEAR STUDENTS. This form is ONLY required if you plan on bringing guests. We need to know by MARCH 1ST whether or not you are bringing guests. Please refer to our handy FAQ on the Major events page for more info!

Full zips have ARRIVED!: 12/5/2016

The IUSM Full zips have arrived! There distribution will commence in the next few days. Our plan is to have a main distribution center here in Indianapolis for most* 3rd and 4th years, then 1st and 2nd year students who ordered will have their full zip distributed to their respective campi.

*If you are a 3rd or 4th year at a regional campus we will figure it out.

Overnight Rooms for Graduation and Senior Banquet: 12/5/2016

Details for how to reserve a room at the JW or Courtyard Marriot during the weekend of graduation can be accessed most easily at :

The rates are special for those associated with the medical school and the rooms will be blocked together.

Cocktail Hour at Block House:12/2/2016

In order to celebrate our rank list submission, we are having an informal cocktail hour at The Blockhouse downtown on Friday, February 24th from 7-10 PM. This venue is near Lucas Oil and should be a great time. You heard it here first.

 Full Zips:11/29/2016

For those of you who ordered a full zip, the order has been placed and we are just waiting on them to arrive before we distribute them. We ended up selling about 150 more than we anticipated, so the whole time-line has been stretched out by a few days. Thanks for hanging in there with us. The plan is to have them distributed to the respective campuses as indicated per the submission request.